Long Distance


New 4 stage METVIGATOR series 2020-2021

  1. Hong Kong December 2020
  2. Koh Samui (Thailand) February/March 2020
  3. Stockholm (Sweden) August/September 2020
  4. Hong Kong December 2021

We’ll update the details soon. Following are the details of the previous 2019 edition in Hong Kong.

In 2019 Metvigator will be back in a different format. This time, Metvigator will be held as a Long Distance Urban + Hills Hybrid Orienteering Event. The entire course will be simple orienteering.

Choose your own route in this special running race! In an orienteering race, unlike running, you get to choose your own route with the help of a map.

With elements of both cross-country trail running and road running, experience a whole new aspect of Hong Kong as you explore with a map and run.

Crossing the city and countryside with multiple route choices, it’ll be thrilling to decide which way to go, without knowing what your opponents will choose!

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What is different between orienteering & running?

A running race has a specified route, which all runners must take.

An orienteering race has a course but no specified route. Runners visit all checkpoints (control points) in order, and punch with an electronic card.

Orienteering was first experimented by Scandinavian athletic clubs. Later, orienteering separated from athletics as a sport of its own. Orienteering has benefited greatly from advances in mapping and equipment technology.

Event ambassador: Leung Chi Hang, former HK cycling team member

Courses & Classes

The Race is divided into 2 courses:

  • Metvigator (30 km)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km)

Each course contains 5 classes:

  • Men’s Single, Women’s Single, Men’s Double, Women’s Double & Mixed

Summing up to 10 classes.
Top 3 individuals/teams in each class will be awarded.
All competitors will receive a finisher medal upon completing the course.

*Minimum age for joining Metvigator (On event day)

  • Metvigator (30 km): 16 (Individual Class)
  • Metvigator (30 km): 12 (Dual Class, another companion must be above 16)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km): 14 (Individual Class)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km): 12 (Dual Class, another companion must be above 14)

Map: A3 1:15000, with 1:4000 for some sections

Map example. Not final course.


You must bring

  • Compass
  • Mobile phone (only for emergency use)


  • Spare clothes
  • Towel
  • Rain gear
  • Water Bottle (no cups at refreshment points)

Entry Fee

Super Early Bird: $200 per person / $400 per team (on or before 20 May 2019)
Early Bird: $300 per person / $600 per team (on or before 31 July 2019)
Normal Entry: $400 per person / $800 per team (on or before 20 September 2019)
Late Entry Fee: $500 per person / $1000 per team (up to on-site before start, subject to map availability)

Fees listed are in Hong Kong Dollars. A team consists of two persons.

MetOC members enjoy $20 discount (only one discount can be applied per team).

Entry fee includes baggage deposit, water and food in refreshment point, refreshments after competition, and orienteering maps.
Each team uses one electronic punch card. You can use your own or rent one.

Rent SPORTident punch card: $20
Certificate of participation: $20
Number bib clips (4 pieces): $15
Thumb compass: $20


Please click on the images and charts below to enlarge.

Jersey, HK$279
Sizes as in the chart above

Backpack, HK$129
31 cm x 43 cm

Headwear, HK$69
25 cm x 49 cm

We now have limited stock for sale. Order now to secure your purchase!

You can buy merchandise items together with your entry.
They will be available for pick up at the event centre.


  • Competitors have to run and visit all control points in sequence with the help of compass and map provided by the organiser only.
  • Competitors need to estimate distances and choose the best route themselves using the event map. The use of devices which can aid navigation (other than those provided by the organiser) is prohibited, including but not limited to street map, mobile map, walkie-talkie and GPS device.
  • Each competitor will have a number bib and each individual/team will receive an electronic punch card. Number bib should be visible at the times. 
  • ​Littering is prohibited. 
  • Competitors should obey traffic laws and pay attention to vehicles.
  • Please be courteous in crowded areas.
  • If it appears that a competitor is in difficulty or injury, please offer help to him and notify the organiser.
  • Competitors taking part in Metvigator means accepting the current rules and ethics of race.
  • Competitors violating the above rules may be disqualified. The organiser reserves the right to determine whether a competitor will be disqualified.

Information may be updated as needed without further notice.