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Want to be an organiser for Landrunning events? We’re waiting for you to join the team for this exciting wayfinding running event!

Here are the things you need to know:

Landrunning World Series 2022

We’re recruiting local organisers for Landrunning World Series 2022. If your club/organisation meets the following requirements, we welcome you to join the Landrunning family!

  • A registered club/organisation in your country
  • Can meet the logistical and personnel challenges (at least 20 volunteers available)
  • Ideally having organised a major running or orienteering event before

Please contact us by 30 June 2021 to get your race on our 2022 schedule!


We’re planning for a Landrunning World Series 2022 with up to ten stations. Races will be listed on landrunningrace.com as they’re confirmed.


As an organiser of Landrunning World Series, you’ll offer a unique running event for target runners, which include trail runners, orienteers and sports travellers.

Typical workflow

The typical workflow will be as follows:

  1. You contact us (or we contact you) as a potential organiser for the Landrunning World Series.
  2. Initial discussion on event concept.
  3. Outlining basic event details (date, venue, schedule).
  4. Signing the event organisation contract.
  5. Planning the detailed event plan.
  6. Production of event promotion material and website.
  7. Start of event entries.
  8. Continued promotion of event on social media and website.
  9. Publication of detailed event information for registered runners.
  10. Actual production of the event.
  11. Release of results.
  12. Evaluation of the event.


You’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Planning of logistics for the event
  • Promotion of the event within your country
  • Logistics and personnel on the event day
  • Attract local sponsors for the event
  • Production and printing of race material

We provide the following:

  • Right to use the Landrunning™ and Landrunning World Series™ trademarks
  • International promotion
  • Event website
  • Provision of online entry system
  • Training of volunteers
  • Mapping and design of Landrunning maps
  • Attract international sponsors for the event
  • Template for Landrunning event documents (invitation, bulletin, certificates etc.)
  • Technical equipment (including the special timing system suitable for Landrunning events
  • Consultation on event arrangements


You may seek sponsorship from local companies as you see fit. Suggested benefits include advertisement space, training programme and free event entry.

Note that Landrunning also has global sponsors, for which you must implement relevant benefits such as advertisements. They may also conflict with the sponsors you wish to seek (e.g. competitors). These will be advised to you during consultation.

Prize pool

We run a prize pool based on the sponsorship money available.

Prize money will be the same throughout all stations of the Landrunning World Series. Moreover, there will be prize monies for the entire series.

The distribution of prize monies will be advised to you in the consultation.


We take a license fee + 29% of race revenues.


Contact raphael.mak@landrunningrace.com today to get started!