About Landrunning

What is Landrunning?

What is Landrunning?

Landrunning is a sport in which an athlete runs from one checkpoint to the next, via possible route choices as can be seen on the map. It’s related to, but distinct from, trail running and orienteering.

In a Landrunning race, there is not one single designated route that must be followed by all runners. Rather, only the checkpoints are marked on-site, where runners record their visit on an electronic timing card. At each checkpoint, runners must try to find the fastest route to get to the next checkpoint.

Landrunning route choice example
An example of a leg with two route choices. The route themselves are not marked on-site. The distances are shown for comparison only; they’re not shown on the map. It’s common for a leg to have three to four route choices, or even more.

Like orienteering, Landrunning is a navigation sport. However, Landrunning takes place entirely on trails. Unlike orienteering, there’s no need to run across the forest; indeed, doing so will cause the runner to lose time.

Why is Landrunning fun?

The fun of Landrunning comes from the surprise in how route choices can affect running time, so much that the race ranking can flip on how individual runners choose their way wisely (or unwisely).

If you think the shortest route is always the best route, fun fact—no. While a shorter length is obviously a major factor in what makes a route choice good, there are other factors—most importantly, vertical climb and track quality. Some runners would excel on trails while others might perform better on paved roads. Route choices with fewer turns, even if they’re slightly longer, might save you time in navigation and therefore better.

Landrunning is about the land

Each Landrunning race is unique—even for an annual event. No two Landrunning races have the same race course. In addition, each Landrunning experience is dependent on geography, weather and people. The Landrunning race experience is unique and cannot be repeated—best epitomised by the Japanese concept of Ichi-go ichi-e (once in a lifetime).

Run across the land and explore cultures, people and nature. Discover places and their stories. With our Landrunning races, you navigate and share the meaning of these places—for the love of the land. 

Travel across the world and attend different Landrunning events. Explore each destination, and experience the land with our races and the travel package options we offer.

Landrunning—choose your own way.