Landrunning demo 1: Gotland

Landrunning demo 1: Gotland, Sweden

Landrunning is a new running discipline where the race route is not marked, and you use the given map to find your next checkpoint.

Want to experience the new sport ahead of our Landrunning World Series? Try our new Landrunning demo on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland! The demo uses the virtual running function of Metrunner, in which you control the street view to run around, and click the punch button to register your arrival at a checkpoint. (Alternatively, use the automatic punch function.)

The whole demo race is 30km with the shortest route choices. (Which is around as long as the longest category we’ll be offering at the real races.) Try to beat the winner and get to the top of the scoreboard!

The basics of Landrunning

Landrunning is similar to a distance running race, except you’re given a map which gives you the race course and checkpoints—you navigate to each checkpoint with a compass. (Don’t worry, you can buy a compass together with your Landrunning World Series entry.)

Route choice is very important in this sport as it decides whether you win or lose time in your race! In the following example, choosing the route on the left will win you 500m (0.31 miles) compared to the route on the right, which would translate to a 2-minute difference when running at 4 min/km (6.4 min/mile).

Landrunning route choice example

Note, however, that distance is not the only factor in determining the best route choice—terrain and road quality are also relevant factors.

We need your support!

Landrunning is a completely new initiative at the intersection of trail running and orienteering. Therefore, we’re grateful for any leads for sponsors and partners. We look forward to connect with you at connect@landrunningrace.com!

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