A new running concept.
For the love of the land.

Landrunning World Series

Humans have dwelt on the Earth for millions of years—intimately connected with the land. Even today, as we venture into the future, we rely on the land for food and water, for resources and disposal, for living and leisure.

Run across the land and explore cultures, people and nature. Discover places and their stories. With our Landrunning races, you navigate and share the meaning of these places—for the love of the land. 

This is the meaning behind a new discipline with a new name—where running meets orienteering. For the love of the land.

Two sports, one discipline.

Landrunning is at the intersection of two sports: trail running and orienteering. The race route is not marked, only checkpoints: you find your own way using a map and compass.

Comparison between ordinary running and Landrunning

Explore the new Landrunning World Series

Hong Kong

27 December 2020

Coming soon
Koh Samui

28 February 2021

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14-15 August 2021

Coming soon
Hong Kong

27 December 2021

Coming soon

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